Clasp Modified from Hinge Apparatus

2009 April 1

Clasp III: Originally posted 2003 on

The brass clasp for this book was made by modifying an existing commercial hinge.

Coptic style sewing with brass clasp

Coptic style sewing with brass clasp

An interior pattern was sawed out on one side of this hinge apparatus and then it was filed into its final shape. Some additional matching brass parts were made to complete the clasp.

The clasp is riveted to a suede strap which wraps around from the bottom board of the book up and around over the fore edge. It then fasten onto a brass pin attached to the center of the top board.

A recess was carved into the back board deep enough so that the strap and a decorative brass cover plate could be inset to lie flush with the board surface. (see detail bottom left)

To prevent board breakage, I drilled a small pilot hole, slightly smaller than the diameter of the escutcheon pin which I used to attach the brass cover plate and the strap to the board. Drilling a pilot hole is especially advisable if you are using a hardwood board in order to avoid splitting the wood. It also functions as a guide to help to hammer the the pin in straight. In fact, it never hurts to drill a tiny pilot hole in any wood cover.

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